Base oil SN 100 is a highly refined mineral oil that finds widespread usage in a variety of industrial oils, hydraulic fluids, and lubricants. It is made by distilling crude oil thoroughly to get rid of impurities, sulfur, and other dangerous pollutants.

Base oil SN 100 is a high-quality, low-viscosity mineral oil that has excellent chemical and thermal stability, making it an ideal base stock for a wide range of lubricants and industrial fluids. It has a clear, colorless appearance and is free of any visible impurities, making it suitable for applications where purity and consistency are critical.

Product Specifications:

Base oil SN 100 has a minimum kinematic viscosity of 5.6 cSt at 100°C and a maximum pour point of -15°C. It has a flash point of 220°C and a maximum sulfur content of 0.03% by weight. The product meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Group I base oil specifications.

Product Chemical Formula, CAS Number, and HS Code:

The chemical formula of base oil SN100 is CnH2n+2, where n is typically between 15 and 20. The CAS number for base oil SN100 is 64742-53-6, and the HS code is 27.10.19.

Product Properties:

Base oil SN100 has several key properties that make it an ideal base stock for lubricants and industrial fluids. These properties include:

High Viscosity Index: Base oil SN 100 has a high viscosity index, which means that its viscosity changes very little with changes in temperature. This makes it an ideal base stock for lubricants that need to operate at a wide range of temperatures.

Excellent Thermal Stability: Base oil SN 100 has excellent thermal stability, which means that it can withstand high temperatures without breaking down or losing its lubricating properties.

Good Solvency: Base oil SN100 has good solvency, which means that it can dissolve and carry other additives and components, such as anti-wear agents, detergents, and corrosion inhibitors, that are necessary to make effective lubricants.

Low Volatility: Base oil SN 100 has low volatility, which means that it evaporates slowly and does not produce harmful vapors or emissions.

Applications of BASE OIL SN 100

Base oil SN100 is used in a wide range of applications, including:

Lubricants: The foundation stock for lubricants such motor oils, transmission fluids, and hydraulic fluids is base oil SN 100. It helps to increase the lifespan of machinery and equipment by providing good protection against wear, friction, and corrosion.

Industrial Fluids: Base oil SN 100 is used in industrial fluids such as metalworking fluids, cutting oils, and quenching oils. It provides excellent thermal stability and helps to prevent the buildup of harmful deposits and contaminants.

Other Applications: Base oil SN100 is also used in other applications such as transformer oils, process oils, and rubber processing oils.

Packing of BASE OIL SN 100

Base oil sn100 packing is in new 180 kg drums , iso tank , also flexi tanks and bulk shipments. In addition Each 20 foot container takes 80 drum .

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