Description of BASE OIL SN 550

Base Oil SN 550 is a type of base oil that is commonly used in the lubrication industry. It is derived from the refining process of crude oil and is used as a lubricant base stock. Base Oil SN 550 has a viscosity range of 500-600 SUS at 100°F and is considered a Group I base oil. In this page, we will delve deeper into the product description, specifications, chemical formula, properties, and applications of Base Oil SN-550.

Base Oil SN550 is a light-colored and odorless liquid that has excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance. It is a non-hazardous and non-toxic substance, making it safe for use in various applications. Base Oil SN550 has a high flash point, which means it has a low volatility level and can resist combustion even at high temperatures.

Product Specifications

Base Oil SN550 has several specifications that make it ideal for use as a lubricant base stock. The following are the product specifications of Base Oil SN 550:

Viscosity Index: 80-85

Flash Point: 200°C min

Pour Point: -6°C max

Color: 3.0 max

Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C: 100-120 cSt

Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C: 12-14 cSt

Density at 15°C: 0.87-0.89 g/cm³

Sulfur Content: 0.5% max

Water Content: 0.05% max

Product Chemical Formula, CAS Number, and HS Code

Base Oil SN550 has a chemical formula of C15H32 and a CAS number of 64742-54-7. The HS code for Base Oil SN-550 is 27101990.

Product Properties

Base Oil SN-550 has several properties that make it ideal for use as a base stock in lubricants. These properties include:

High Viscosity Index: Base Oil SN 550 has a high viscosity index, which means it can maintain its viscosity at different temperatures.

Good Thermal Stability: Base Oil SN550 has excellent thermal stability, which means it can resist thermal breakdown even at high temperatures.

Low Volatility: Base Oil SN550 has a low volatility level, which means it can resist combustion even at high temperatures.

High Oxidation Resistance: Base Oil SN 550 has high oxidation resistance, which means it can resist oxidation and extend the lifespan of lubricants.

Low Sulfur Content: Base Oil SN550 has low sulfur content, which makes it ideal for use in environments where low sulfur content is required.

Applications of BASE OIL SN 550

Base Oil SN550 is widely used in various industries due to its excellent properties. Some of the applications of Base Oil SN550 include:

Lubricant Manufacturing: Base Oil SN-550 is used as a base stock in the manufacturing of lubricants such as engine oils, gear oils, and hydraulic oils.

Metalworking Fluids: Base Oil SN-550 is used in metalworking fluids such as cutting oils, quenching oils, and rust preventatives.

Industrial and Automotive Applications: Base Oil SN 550 is used in industrial and automotive applications such as compressor oils, transformer oils, and transmission fluids.

Additive Manufacturing: Base Oil SN550 is used in additive manufacturing as a binder for metal and ceramic powders.

Packing of BASE OIL SN 550

Base oil sn 550 packed in new or used 180 kg drums, iso tank, flexi tanks and bulk shipments. Each 20-foot container takes 80 drum.

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