How to remove bitumen from clothes?

Bitumen is one of the most valuable materials in a variety of sectors, and it comes in a variety of forms, including natural bitumen, industrial bitumen, petroleum bitumen, coated bitumen, and so on. Because of its unique properties, such as extremely strong adhesion and good water repellency, this material has a wide range of applications. This material’s strong stickiness creates numerous problems for individuals when it attaches to clothes since it is difficult to clean. The methods for removing bitumen from clothes will be covered in the next section.
Road construction worker's clothes that are dirty with bitumen and now should remove bitumen from clothes

Remove bitumen from clothes using the following methods:

As previously stated, bitumen has very strong adhesive qualities, particularly as its temperature rises and it becomes liquid. Bitumen clinging to clothes may cause various problems and impair people’s movements, which is why different materials can be used to remove it. Ice, solid oil, liquid or olive oil, water, and soap may be used to remove bitumen stains from clothing. The following is how to remove bitumen from clothes:

In the first step, place a piece of ice in the plastic and spread it over the bitumen location on the clothes until the bitumen fully freezes. After the bitumen stains have frozen, you may shave off the bitumen particles and pieces from the clothes with a knife or a pair of scissors. In addition, instead of using ice to freeze bitumen stains on clothes, place the clothes inside a nylon and place them in the freezer; after the stain is totally frozen, remove the bitumen particles.

In the second stage of cleaning bitumen on clothes, you soak a clean towel in regular or olive oil and draw it from the edges to the center of the stain in the second stage of cleaning bitumen on clothes. This is done in order to avoid the spread of bitumen. You can also put a cloth under the clothes to keep the bitumen from getting into other parts.

After wiping the bitumen stain with oil, use warm water and soap to thoroughly clear the stain in the third step. The greater the temperature of the water, the simpler it is to remove bitumen from clothes.

Putting ice on the clothes soaked in bitumen for remove bitumen from clothes

Use organic solvents:

In general, the given approach and the use of ice, olive oil, and soap may thoroughly clean the Bitumen and Asphalt clinging to the clothes, but if the bitumen stains are not cleansed even after using the mentioned methods, organic solvents can be used. Gasoline is a good solvent for bitumen that does not harm textiles or fibers. In this procedure, soak a clean handkerchief in gasoline and massage it over the bitumen patch until it totally dissolves and disappears. After the bitumen has faded and dissolved entirely, you may use soap and water to clean the stain completely, and you can lay the clothes out in the open air for a few hours to remove the smell of gasoline.

The most effective bitumen cleaner:

As previously stated, Bitumen dissolve readily in organic solvents, so alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, and carbon sulfide may be used to dissolve them. Of course, it should be remembered that each organic solvent has unique circumstances and must be handled with caution. When bitumen gets on a carpet or a car, for example, using strong solvents could do more damage to the carpet or car.

The end outcome:

Bitumen has numerous uses and capacities in different sectors owing to its hydrophobic qualities, adhesion, and so on, but its adherence to clothes, carpets, automobiles, and so on may present many issues for individuals, especially personnel who operate in road construction operations using Bitumen. Although solvents such as gasoline may be used, the easiest approach to removing bitumen from clothes is to use ice, olive oil, water, and soap.

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