The creation of cosmetic liquid paraffin or cosmetic white oil (sometimes referred to as cosmetic paraffin oil) begins with crude oil and is accomplished through the process of vacuum distillation. After several chemicals have been distilled from the crude oil, what is left is an oil, which is subsequently refined to a far higher standard. The terms “cosmetic liquid paraffin” and “cosmetic paraffin oil” refer to the same thing: a mixture of alkanes that have been extracted from a mineral source such as crude oil.

The cosmetic business makes widespread use of liquid paraffin cosmetic grade, which is a type of mineral oil that has a clear look and is liquid. This is because liquid paraffin provides a number of benefits that are valuable to the industry, thus it is widely used. This mineral oil is intended for use in cosmetics; in addition to serving as a barrier against the evaporation of moisture, it promotes the health of the skin and helps to keep it that way.

Paraffin oil cosmetic is an ideal choice for a broad variety of cosmetic and skin care products due to the emollient and water-repellent properties that it possesses. It is effective on a broad variety of skin types, and it makes the skin feel as smooth as silk after application. The chemical make-up of this substance may be expressed in the formula CnH2n+2.

We provide Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin / Cosmetic White Oil / Cosmetic Paraffin Oil of the best quality in a variety of grades and export them from Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

• Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin Iran / Cosmetic White Oil Iran / Cosmetic Paraffin Oil Iran
• Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin Turkey / Cosmetic White Oil Turkey / Cosmetic Paraffin Oil Turkey
• Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin Emirates / Cosmetic White Oil Emirates / Cosmetic Paraffin Oil Emirates


Kin viscosity at 40 C16-20 CstASTM D-445
Pour Point (Max)-18 CASTM-D97
Flash point190-200 CASTM- D 92
Specific Gravity0.800-0.850 gr/cm3ASTM D-1298
Color sybolt28-30ASTM D-156
Sulfur content wt%0.002-0.01ASTM D-129
Carbon residue wt%0.001-0.005ASTM D-189
Aromatic mass %0.1-0.5ASTM Calcul
I.B.P390 CASTM D-86
F.B.P470 CASTM-86


The cosmetics industry makes extensive use of the moisturizing properties of liquid cosmetic paraffin, which can be discovered in a wide variety of products such as lotions, lip balms, and soap.

  • Skin care:

In addition to hydrating and moisturizing the skin, it also helps reduce itching, which is a common symptom of dry skin and often goes hand in hand with it. It is able to guard against environmental irritants thanks to the protective layer or barrier that it forms.

  • Hair care:

Because it is a chemical that forms a film, it is able to operate to keep moisture on the shafts, which, in turn, gives the appearance that the shafts are healthier and more lustrous. This helps to resolve a number of hair concerns, including tangles as well as hair loss and a few more besides.

  • Cosmetic items:

Cosmetic liquid paraffin gives cosmetic products a better texture and helps with how easily they distribute on the skin. This component gives the items a greater capacity for retaining moisture and protects them from drying out.

Petro Naft exports the highest-quality Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin / Cosmetic White Oil / Cosmetic Paraffin Oil in different grades from Iran, Turkey, and the UAE to other countries around the world.

• Iran Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin / Iran Cosmetic White Oil / Iran Cosmetic Paraffin Oil
• Turkey Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin / Turkey Cosmetic White Oil / Turkey Cosmetic Paraffin Oil
• UAE Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin / UAE Cosmetic White Oil / UAE Cosmetic Paraffin Oil


Liquid paraffin (white oil) cosmetic grade packing is in new or second hand 175 kg drums, ISO tank, flexi tanks. Also Each 20` container takes 80 drummed white oil cosmetic grade.

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