INTRODUCTION of POLYETHYLENE WAX One of the most frequent types of lubricants used on exterior surfaces is polyethylene wax. Polyethylene Wax, which has lubricating capabilities, is used to separate the melt from the metal, lubricate the surface between the metal and PVC, and contribute in a unique way to the product’s glossiness. These functions are […]


introduction of MEDICAL LIQUID PARAFFIN Mineral oil that has been refined to an exceedingly high degree and is used in the medical sector is referred to as medical liquid paraffin, which is also known as liquid paraffin pharma grade. This form of mineral oil is used in the medical industry. The term “medical paraffin oil” […]


INTRODUCTION of GRANULATED PARAFFIN WAX Granulated Paraffin wax consists of saturated hydrocarbons and has a fine-grained crystal structure; as a result, it is much more flexible than paraffin waxes. Granules of paraffin wax come in colors ranging from white to yellow, and all of them are accessible. The production of our Granule Paraffin Wax adheres […]


WHAT IS LIQUID PARAFFIN? The refined form of paraffin is known as liquid paraffin. The hue of liquid paraffin is white and translucent, and its other name is white oil or paraffin oil. This material is derived from the distillation of petroleum derivatives; Liquid paraffin has different flash points and also exists in several forms, […]


WHAT IS SLACK WAX? Slack Wax is one of the leftovers from the transformation of Lubricant into Base Oil. As a consequence of this procedure, a solvent is used to first separate the aromatic compounds from the Lubcat; the end result is raffinate. In the next stage, base oil is created by separating the paraffinic […]


WHAT IS PETROLEUM JELLY? Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of the oil refining process that is created from the leftover heavy crude oil after the distillation of gasoline and kerosene. It has a waxy texture, is colorless and odorless, and repels water. Petroleum jelly is a hydrophobic substance that repels water, making it a great […]


INTRODUCTION of COSMETIC LIQUID PARAFFIN The creation of cosmetic liquid paraffin or cosmetic white oil (sometimes referred to as cosmetic paraffin oil) begins with crude oil and is accomplished through the process of vacuum distillation. After several chemicals have been distilled from the crude oil, what is left is an oil, which is subsequently refined […]


introduction of INDUSTRIAL LIQUID PARAFFIN A blend of cyclic saturated hydrocarbons and short carbon chains make up industrial liquid paraffin, also known as industrial paraffin oil (industrial white oil), which is employed in many industries due to its great stability. In its natural state, industrial liquid paraffin is odorless and colorless; it is a type […]


INTRODUCTION of MEDICAL PETROLEUM JELLY Medical Petroleum jelly, also known as Petroleum jelly pharma grade, or Medical Vaseline is a semi-solid combination of hydrocarbons (with carbon numbers mostly greater than 25), which was first advertised as a topical treatment for its curative effects. A combination of hydrocarbons that is petroleum jelly of the pharmaceutical grade […]


INTRODUCTION of COSMETIC PETROLEUM JELLY Cosmetic petroleum jelly is a highly refined semi-solid petrolatum material made up of hydrocarbons with about 20 carbon atoms in the chemical structure. This substance was created by Robert Chesebrough and has since been used as a lubricant, but after refining it, it has also been employed in the sanitary […]


INTRODUCTION of INDUSTRIAL PETROLEUM JELLY Industrial Petroleum Jelly is a hydrocarbon compound that is semi-solid, and it has a yellowish hue most of the time. This material is not acceptable for use in medical and cosmetic applications as suggested by the name of the product, which is industrial Vaseline. This is due to the fact […]


INTRODUCTION of NORMAL PARAFFIN Normal Paraffin is a colorless liquid that is composed of saturated hydrocarbons that have a chain structure consisting of straight links. They are produced in gas-to-liquid production facilities by using a technique known as “The Fischer Tropsch Process” either by distilling them from kerosene. Typically, it is made up of roughly […]

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