Penetration Bitumen 100/150 is a standard penetration grade Bitumen that is often used as a Paving Grade Bitumen for road construction and the manufacturing of outstanding asphalt pavements. This grade of bitumen is primarily utilized in the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. PetroNaft Co. provides penetration grade bitumen, which is petroleum quality bitumen produced by fractional / vacuum distillation of crude oil. The penetration and softening point test are used to specify Penetration Grade bitumens.

The categorization is based only on penetration range. The penetration grade bitumens have a thermoplastic feature, which causes the material to soften at high temperatures and harden at low temperatures. This distinct temperature/viscosity connection is critical for defining bitumen performance factors like as adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures. This bitumen is intended for the production of cationic bitumen emulsions, mineral-bituminous mixes in ‘hot’ technology, impregnating and water insulating mixes, and fluxed bitumen.

Penetration Grade Bitumen is Bitumen that has been graded based on its penetration property. The underlying idea of penetration grading is that the less viscous the asphalt, the deeper the needle will penetrate. Bitumen that is produced during the process of oxidation of vacuum bottom (the Bitumen production feedstock that derives from distillation tower residue in vacuum oil refineries) at a bitumen production unit in such a way that its penetration point (a type of test to indicate the hardness of bitumen) in a specified group is classified in different grades of bitumen.


One of the top manufacturers of bitumen products, Petro Naft, produces high grade penetration bitumen called Bitumen 100/150. Our Bitumen 100/150 is a carefully designed substance with great heat stability and high penetration rate, making it perfect for a variety of applications.

Advanced technology and strict quality control procedures are used to make our Bitumen 100/150, guaranteeing that our clients will get a consistent and trustworthy product. This kind of bitumen is often used in applications for waterproofing, roofing, and road building.

Our Bitumen 100/150 has a high penetration rate, making it simple to enter the surface pores and form a solid, long-lasting connection. This makes it the perfect option for heavy-duty applications like road construction and others where durability is important.

Our Bitumen 100/150 is not only safe to use and has great performance qualities, but it is also environmentally friendly. It is produced sustainably and complies with all applicable safety and environmental regulations.

Bitumen 100/150 by Petro Naft is a premium product that provides outstanding performance and dependability overall. To find out more about this remarkable material and how it may help your project, get in touch with us right now.

We produce penetration bitumen 100-150 of the best quality in a variety of types and export them from Iran and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Iran Penetration Bitumen 100/150 ( Iran Bitumen 100/150 )
  • Emirates Peneteration Bitumen 100/150 ( Emirates Bitumen 100/150 )


The following are some of the advantages of Penetration bitumen 100/150:

  • Because of its high degree of penetration, it is appropriate for use in a broad range of product formulations, including those for the manufacturing of waterproof membranes, lubricants, and specialist bitumen paints.
  • Due to its high permeability, it is suitable for cold climates.
  • It has a lot of flexibility.
  • It can also be used as a spray.
  • Creates a good coating on the surface.


Bitumen 100/150Test methodUnitSpecification
Penetration – 25°C, 100g, 5sEN 1426mm100-150
Softening Point (Ring & Ball)EN 1427°C39/47
Kenematic Viscosity @ 135⁰CEN 12595mm²/s175
Solubility in XyleneEN 12592%99 Min
Flashpoint (Cleveland Open)EN 22592°C230 Min
Resistance to hardening at 163°C:   
Change in mass (m/m)EN12607-1%0.8 Max
Retained Penetration 25°C, 100g, 5s (% of original)EN 1426%43 Min
Increase in softening pointEN 1427°C10 Max


Penetration Bitumen 100/150 has exceptional aging resistance, flexibility, and low-temperature behavior. Because of these characteristics, it is used to create bituminous mixes that form a flexible framework for the paving of streets, runways, pavement, track racing, and landing platforms. It has a great performance even in industrial sectors where it is used to prepare mixes for the manufacturing of membranes using SBS technology. The substance can also be used to make bituminous emulsions, waterproofing membranes, oxidized bitumens, bituminous paints, specific lubricants, and mastics.

Petro Naft manufactures the highest quality Penetration Bitumen 100-150 in different types and exports it from Iran and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Penetration Bitumen 100/150 Iran
  • Penetration Bitumen 100/150 UAE


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