The manufacturing of bitumen with a permeability of 40/50 (also known as Penetration bitumen 40/50) is one of the bitumen products that are offered by PetroNaft Company. Bitumen 40-50 is a kind of bitumen that is created by an aeration process on vacuum baton in bitumen production units. Vacuum baton is the fundamental material of bitumen production, and it is extracted from the bottom of the distillation tower in the vacuum of oil refineries.


Petro Naft, a major producer and supplier of bitumen products, creates a form of penetration bitumen called bitumen 40/50. Several industries, including road building, waterproofing, and roofing, employ this premium bitumen.

The high penetration value of Bitumen 40/50, which describes the extent to which it can permeate into a material under certain circumstances, is one of its key benefits. This characteristic makes it perfect for use in asphalt mixtures, where it improves the performance and longevity of roadways, especially in regions with heavy traffic.

At Petro Naft, we use cutting-edge manufacturing methods and quality control procedures to guarantee that our Bitumen 40/50 satisfies global performance and durability criteria. Prior to being introduced to the market, our product is put through rigorous quality testing while being produced utilizing the most recent technology and methods.

Our Bitumen 40/50 is no exception to our commitment to provide consumers the best bitumen products available. Our product is the best option if you’re searching for a dependable and long-lasting material for waterproofing, roofing, or road building.

We produce penetration bitumen 40/50 of the best quality in a variety of types and export them from Iran and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Iran Penetration Bitumen 40/50 ( Iran Bitumen 40/50 )
  • Emirates Peneteration Bitumen 40/50 ( Emirates Bitumen 40/50 )


Penetration bitumen 40/50 is a thermoplastic material, which means that when it is subjected to high temperatures, it will become more flexible, and when it is exposed to cold temperatures, it will become more rigid. The kind of crude oil that is refined into bitumen as well as the refining process itself are both potential factors that might have an effect on the manner in which bitumen behaves in terms of temperature and stiffness.

  • Maintaining equilibrium in the surrounding environment.
  • A lifespan that is much longer than the typical one for the product.
  • Extraordinarily strong adhesion to the great majority of different kinds of materials in their diverse forms.


Bitumen 40/50Test methodUnitSpecification
Specific gravity @ 25°cASTM D70Kg/cm31.01/1.06
Penetration @ 25°cASTM D5mm/1040/50
Softening point °cASTM D36°C52/60
Ductility @25 °cASTM D113cm100 min
Loss on heating(wt) %ASTM D6wt %0.2 max
Drop in penetration after heating %ASTM D5-D6%20 max
Flash point °cASTM D92°C250 min
Solubility is CS2(wt) %ASTM D4wt %99.5 min
Spot testA.A.S.H.O.T102 Negative


Penetrating bitumen 40/50 has a variety of uses, including insulation, the manufacturing of liquid bitumen, and the building of roads in tropical regions. In tropical regions like tropical belts, this sort of bitumen is useful for creating asphalt and walkways. In tropical regions where the average air temperature is high, bitumen 40.50 has gained particular attention for the repair or building of roads and walkways because to its strong stability in hot weather. The adaptability of this product’s application in hot mix asphalt has also increased demand for it in the contracting nations, where it is now the most popular export under the heading of Bitumen Export Bituminous Products of Petro Naft Co.

The primary purpose of bitumen 40-50 impregnation is to create a top layer that is durable. For instance, as an efficient electrical insulating material in the electrical sector, as one of the primary compositional components in the practice of precision casting, etc. The cost-effective and chemically resistant 40/50 bitumen is also extensively employed in the area of chemical protection of metal pipes and different reinforced concrete constructions. The most common forms of bitumen utilized in industrial and civil construction are asphalt solutions, asphalt concrete, and sealing materials.

PetroNaft manufactures the highest quality Penetration Bitumen 40/50 in different types and exports it from Iran and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Penetration Bitumen 40/50 Iran
  • Penetration Bitumen 40/50 UAE


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