Discover the diverse uses and properties of the walnut shell. From industrial applications such as cleaning and polishing to serving as a natural filler in plastic, and as a chemical-free pesticide, the walnut shell is a valuable natural resource with multiple applications.
We have a number of walnuts, walnut shell and walnut partitions that we will discuss for uses and properties of the walnut shell and walnut partitions.

Uses and properties of the walnut shell and the walnut partitions

When the walnut kernel is being formed, a thin diaphragm partitions the kernel into different parts. After the walnut ripens, this thin partition dries and becomes a paper-like layer. In the following article, the shell and the dry walnut partitions, their benefits and applications will be discussed.

There are many types of walnuts today, and each of them can grow and bear fruit in special geographical environments, but almost all of them have the same shape and structure and have similar properties, and maybe they differ only in the number of compounds.

– The most important properties and applications of the walnut partitions

1- Treatment of stomach and intestinal inflammation and treatment of anemia

One of the most important properties of the paper partitions inside the walnut is their treatment of stomach and intestinal inflammation. You can powder these paper partitions and then boil 20 grams of them for 10 minutes, drinking 3 cups of them daily. Eating the brew of this substance half an hour before meals can be effective in treating anemia and lung diseases.

2- Fatigue treatment

The brewed powder of the walnut partitions can be effective in treating fatigue and creating relaxation in people. In this method, you can pour the brew of the dry walnut partitions into the tub and then wash your body with them. Also, this solution can be effective in treating frostbite and skin diseases.

3- Treatment of gingivitis and tonsillitis

An infusion of the dried partition powder inside the walnut can be very useful for treating swelling of the gums and tonsils. By this method, the brew is diluted with a certain amount of water and by rolling it, you can treat tonsil and gum problems.

4- Strengthening sexual powers

One of the most important uses and properties of the dried walnut partition is to strengthen the sexual powers. The powder inside the walnut partition is combined with ingredients such as honey and dates and can help increase people’s libido. This combination can also help people lose weight and achieve an ideal body shape.


We have a number of walnuts, walnut shell and walnut partitions that we will discuss for uses and properties of the walnut shell and walnut partitions.

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5- Treatment of heartburn

Another main property of the dried walnut partition is its treatment of heartburn. This powder can also act as a pain reliever and is effective in relieving digestive and internal pain.

6- Treatment of kidney stones and gall bladder

Although eating the dried walnut partitions can make people feel unpleasant, it can prevent the formation of kidney stones and gallstones.

7- Treatment of female secretions

Many women face many problems such as female secretions during their lifetime and have to use a variety of chemical drugs and different treatment methods. The use of walnut partitions powder can have a great effect on the treatment of these secretions.

Among the other properties of the dry partition powder inside the walnut, we can mention things such as strengthening people’s senses and brains, treating and removing yellowness in teeth, treating tuberculosis, treating headaches, treating skin diseases, lowering blood pressure, etc.

– The most important uses and properties of the walnut shell

In addition to the diaphragm layer inside the walnut, its hard shell can also have various uses and properties. Walnut shell powder can be used as a skin exfoliator, hair remover, hair dyeing, compressed charcoal production, glue production, cosmetics production, etc. and in various industries such as the wood industry, glass, jewelry, plastic, drilling, paint, resin, and… has many uses. Walnut shells can also be known as an excellent fertilizer for soil and plants.

-The price of walnut shell powder

As mentioned, both the green shell of the walnut and its hard shell, as well as the dry partitions inside, have unique and special uses and properties and can be used in various industries, especially medicine. To buy walnut shell powder, attention should be paid to various factors such as the quality of walnut shell powder, whether the shell is fresh or old, volume of walnut shell, weight of walnut shell, transportation costs, shelf life of walnut shell, etc.

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