Sulfonated Asphalt Drilling Mud Additive

Sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive is shale control additives used to inhibit the swelling and caving of shales caused by hydrous disintegration. Sulphonate asphalt is lost circulation additives and used to plug a zone into which drilling fluid is being lost, to prevent a complete loss of the drilling fluid.

Understanding the Impact of Sulfonated Asphalt in Drilling Processes

Sulfonated Asphalt, a versatile player in the field of drilling, has been revolutionizing processes with its unique properties. Serving as a high-performing drilling fluid additive, Sulfonated Asphalt is critical to enhancing drilling efficiency, curbing operational costs, and promoting sustainable drilling practices. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of Sulfonated Asphalt drilling, discussing its varied advantages, roles, and the latest breakthroughs in the sector.

Shale control additives like sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive inhibit hydrous disintegration-caused swelling and caving

Shale control additives such as sulfonated asphalt are used to prevent the swelling and caving of shales produced by hydrous disintegration. Sulphonated asphalt is a lost circulation additive that is used to plug a zone into which the drilling fluid is being lost, preventing a complete loss of the drilling fluid, preventing loss of the drilling fluid into the formation being drilled, and thus preventing loss of drilling fluid circulation from the bottom to the top of the drill hole. Inorganic chemical grouts or cement including combinations of silicates, metallic oxides, and limestone are among the sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive agents used to fill such a zone. Our drilling fluid contains HTHP sodium sulfonated asphalt, which is an excellent shale control additive in water-based mud.

Sulfonated Asphalt is water-soluble sodium asphalt sulfonated by a unique sulfonation method. It is a flexible complete mud conditioner that stabilizes shale formations, boosts lubricity, reduces high-temperature high-pressure fluid loss (HTHP) water loss, and improves filter cake qualities in both oil-based and water-based drilling fluids. Most water-based muds, as well as all oil-based and synthetic muds, may be blended with sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive. Sulfonated asphalt additive comes in two varieties: regular and potassium boosted. Potassium sulfonated asphalt additive is a potassium salt of sulfonated asphalt that has been carefully manufactured. It delivers water-soluble potassium ions at about 400ppm/lb. of product transported in the mud system, in addition to offering the same distinctive properties as ordinary Sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive. This is advantageous in locations where the particular action of potassium is required to appropriately decrease water-induced clay swelling. Sulfonated Asphalt drilling mud additive is a well-known and widely utilized drilling fluid additive with a variety of beneficial qualities. The basic raw ingredient is oil asphalt. It looks dark in fluidized powder or easily breakable chunks. It has a density of 0.98g/cm3. It is partially water-soluble and partially oil-soluble, making it suitable for use with any drilling fluid.

The oil sector is the primary user of sulfonated asphalt

Sulfonated asphalt is used in water and oil drilling. sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive serves numerous significant roles in solutions:

  • Acts as a clay shale inhibitor; reinforces well walls and prevents them from breaking; promotes quick crack closing;
  • Reduces water loss under high pressure and high temperature situations.
  • Improves solution lubricity; makes filter cake less sticky
  • Enables the mixing of high-quality solutions without the need of emulsifiers.

Technical data of sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive

Water-soluble content %: ≥90.0

Oil soluble content %: ≥18.0

HTHP FL reducing rate %: ≥40.0

PH: 8-10

Moisture %: ≤10.0


The benefits of sulfonated gilsonite additive

  • Strengthen the shale strata
  • Lower rotative torque and avoid clogging
  • Oil substitutes, such as crude oil, waste engine oil, and diesel oil
  • Reduce drill chip solid growth.
  • Make thin, resilient mud cakes
  • Reacts with shale to reduce or eliminate sloughing and edema.
  • Lowers high-temperature, high-pressure fluid loss (HTHP) (see case study).
  • Generates thin, compressible filter cakes
  • Significantly improves lubricity whether used alone or in combination with tiny quantities of oils, synthetic oils, or glycol.
  • Prevents drill pipe becoming jammed
  • Extremely temperature stable – lacks the softening point associated with unreacted asphaltic additives.
  • Minimal and plainly discernible fluorescence – does not interfere with well logging or core analysis
  • Will not leave an oil slick, sheen, or rainbow on the water when used offshore.
  • No emulsifiers are required for optimum mixing.
  • There is no need to avoid using solids control equipment when mixing.
  • Reduces gelation at high temperatures and stabilizes mud characteristics
  • Recommended amount to add: 1-4%

Gilsonite is converted into sulfonated asphalt

Petro Naft produces sulfonated asphalt drilling mud additive from Gilsonite, as well as liquid gilsonite, which is emulsion-shaped and modified Gilsonite and is commonly used in drilling fluids. The solid expansion of drill chips is dispersed by sulphonated asphalt. Apart from Petronaft Gilsonite, it is possible to produce pellets from gilsonite, which are used as bitumen modifiers in the road building industry. Gilsonite pellets are available in 25kg bags and are now being used extensively in road building. When Gilsonite pellets are added to asphalt, the softening point increases and the asphalt hardens. In freezing temperatures, even -40 degrees Celsius, the asphalt retains its flexibility and prevents cracking.

Purchasing This Product from Petro Naft

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Sulphonated Asphalt (Asphalt Sulphonate)

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