Cosmetic petroleum jelly is a highly refined semi-solid petrolatum material made up of hydrocarbons with about 20 carbon atoms in the chemical structure. This substance was created by Robert Chesebrough and has since been used as a lubricant, but after refining it, it has also been employed in the sanitary and cosmetic industries. Cosmetic Vaseline, often known as cosmetic pet jelly, is a colorless and odorless liquid with a standard melting point of at least 40 degrees Celsius. (Industrial items have a high melting point, whereas medicinal products have a low melting point.)

This semi-solid material is made up of hydrocarbons, which are often found in oil. Unilever, which was previously extensively touted as 100% pure petroleum jelly, was the original brand of Vaseline. This cream has been in the top tier of skin care products for over 135 years.

This substance, which was initially known as “Wonder Jelly” was created by Robert Augustus Chesebrough. Chesebrough was inspired by miners who applied an oil drilling residue to their dry, cracked skin. This byproduct was really sticking wax, an unrefined petroleum jelly. The employees applied stick wax to their wrinkled and dry skin. Chesebrough decided to do more investigation on the petroleum jelly. Robert did several experiments at the refinery in order to create a safer and better product.


Crude oil is turned into useable oil after processing by the extraction of liquid hydrocarbons in crude oil refineries. After vacuum distillation and filtering using bone charcoal, petroleum jelly, or the raw ingredient of cosmetic petroleum jelly, is produced. Petroleum jelly, or the principal element of cosmetic petroleum jelly, accounts for the majority of the product in the petroleum jelly cosmetic grade combination. There are six primary elements in cosmetic petroleum jelly (raw materials). Petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, paraffin wax, lanolin, and vitamin E are used to make this product. Petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, and paraffin wax are crude oil byproducts.

Raw materials in the production of cosmetic petroleum jelly

Chesebrough had a formula for making petroleum jelly. The manufacturing procedures and components of cosmetic petroleum jelly have altered little since then. In general, the distillation and filtration processes have stayed nearly consistent in comparison to the past. As a result, synthetic cosmetic petroleum jelly contains many more chemicals than 100% pure petroleum jelly. The only petroleum jelly product with three purifying phases is cosmetic and medicinal petroleum jelly. Distillation, deaeration, and filtering are all part of the purifying process. These stages guarantee that the final product is as homogeneous and devoid of air bubbles as feasible. The filtering step differs depending on whether the product is used in the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industries.

Raw materials include paraffin oil and paraffin wax

Cosmetic petroleum jelly has two key ingredients: paraffin wax and liquid paraffin. Instead of alkane, the word “paraffin” is often used. In reality, paraffin oil is utilized to modify the consistency of the petroleum jelly cosmetic combination. Paraffin oil is a chemical that softens the skin while also bringing nutrients into it. Another byproduct created during the distillation process is paraffin wax. This product is then isolated and processed before being combined with paraffin oil. This chemical is combined with slack wax, a paraffin oil-based substance. Lubricating gel also produces slack wax as a byproduct. Sweating and solvent purification are used to purify paraffin wax.

Cosmetic petroleum jelly secondary ingredients

Petrolatum is a secondary ingredient used in the manufacture of petroleum jelly. Natural petrolatum may be purified using a variety of processes, including sulfuric acid treatment followed by sodium hydroxide neutralization. Filtration via white earth, animal charcoal, silica gel, or aluminum silicate is used, as well as selective solvent extraction and catalytic hydrogenation. The sole distinction between yellow and white petroleum jelly is that white cosmetic petroleum jelly has been treated more thoroughly. As a consequence of this procedure, a semi-solid, colorless product is produced. Later in the process, vitamin E is added to the mixture.

Petronaft exports the highest-quality Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly / Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade / Cosmetic Vaseline in different grades from Iran, Turkey, and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Iran Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly / Iran Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade / Iran Cosmetic Vaseline
  • Turkey Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly / Turkey Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade / Turkey Cosmetic Vaseline
  • UAE Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly / UAE Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade / UAE Cosmetic Vaseline


1Kinematic viscosity at 100 ˚C5.8 cSt4.5-6.5 cStASTM D-445
2Congealing   Point53.5 ˚C51-55 ˚CASTM D-938
3Penetration Consistency128 (0.1 mm)120-130 (0.1 mm)ASTM D-937
4Color (Lovibond)0.7 YMax 1 YIP-17 Method A 2 cell
5Acidity or AlkalinityPassedAccording to test methodB.P 2013
6Polycyclic aromatic
PassedNot more than absorbance of solution 6 mg/l Naphthalene in DMSO@278 nmB.P 2013
7Drop Melting Point56 ˚C55-58 ˚CASTM D-127
8OdorPassedOdorless when rubbed on hand——-
1Kinematic viscosity at 100 ˚C6.2 cSt6-8 cStASTM D-445
2Congealing   Point57.5 ˚C54-58 ˚CASTM D-938
3Penetration Consistency147 (0.1 mm)140-160 (0.1 mm)ASTM D-937
4Color (Lovibond)0.7 YMax 0.7 YIP-17 Method A 2 cell
5Acidity or AlkalinityPassedAccording to test methodB.P 2007
6OdorPassedOdorless when rubbed on hand——-


• When combined with sugar or salt, it serves as a body scrub.
• Before painting your nails, apply Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly to the skin surrounding them to avoid discoloration.
• To give your hair a tidy and glossy finish, use it on your hair before braiding it.
• Can be used to produce glossy lashes instead of mascara.
• You can make a week-old coat of nail polish shine more by rubbing a little bit of it on.
• Can be used to massage a baby in a relaxing manner.
• Can be used to groom brows.
• Can be used after shaving to help maintain silky, smooth skin.
• Can be used to restore the luster to a faded manicure.
• Aids in preventing shoe bite.
• Helps ladies who have had their skin waxed afterward.
• For ladies, soothes sensitive skin after threading the top lip and brows.
• Relieves itching for males after shaving.
• It is possible to provide a light massage.
• Can be used to calm baby’s scalps prior to washing.
• To treat dry skin before lengthy trips, apply this.
• Before applying hair color, apply along your hairline to avoid stains on skin.
• To make a long-lasting blush, combine with lipstick.
• Facilitates removing/putting on of difficult-to-remove rings.
• To avoid uneven tanning, dab a little bit of the solution on any dry areas of your body before applying tanning products.
• Apply Cosmetic Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic to your lips, let it a few minutes to dry, then scrape your lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate.
• To soften and moisturize dry, rough cuticles, rub them.
• Functions well as a makeup remover.
• Aids in preventing callous ankle skin.
• To help protect scabs, apply over them.
• Aids in moisturizing dry hands, particularly after outdoor activity.
• By combining Cosmetic Vaseline with a little amount of flavoring drink powder, you can make a flavored and colored lip balm.
• To calm chafed skin, such as on the thighs, where your skin has rubbed against other skin.
• To remain warm in chilly or windy conditions, apply to the face or body.
• Create eye shadow, lipstick, or blush in an instant by mixing a little food coloring with petroleum jelly for cosmetic use.
• Before applying perfume, apply to skin to extend its effects.
• Apply to afflicted areas to soothe skin after exposure to excessive sun or wind.
• Can be used to help heal facial skin that has been damaged by using a face mask for an extended period of time on the nose, cheeks, and ears.
• On remove makeup stains from your clothing or bedding, use Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic or Cosmetic Vaseline to a wet washcloth.
• To prevent dry nail polish from locking the lid, dab Cosmetic Vaseline beneath the nail paint cap.
• To make earplugs that keep water out of your ears while swimming, cover two cotton balls with petroleum jelly and shape them to suit each ear.
• Use Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic to take makeup off by massaging it onto your eyelids and removing eye makeup with a cotton pad.
• Apply Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic and glitter on your skin for a glittering festival appearance.
• To aid soften the adhesive and facilitate a kinder peel-off, use Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic along the strip line of the fake lashes.
• On safeguard your baby’s eyes when shampooing, apply Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic to the brows.

We provide Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly / Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade / Cosmetic Vaseline of the best quality in a variety of grades and export them from Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly Iran / Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade Iran / Cosmetic Vaseline Iran
  • Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly Turkey / Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade Turkey / Cosmetic Vaseline Turkey
  • Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly Emirates / Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade Emirates / Cosmetic Vaseline Emirates

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Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly is usually packed in new 175-kg steel drums and new PE drums. But we can provide other packing types for esteemed customers, such as second-hand drums, Iso Tank and Flexi Tank.

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