Description of PENETRATION BITUMEN 50/70

Penetration Bitumen 50/70 is a bitumen of superior quality that is produced in refineries that are owned and run by PetroNaft. These refineries use the most cutting-edge industrial procedures and the most appropriate crude oils in the production of bitumen 50-70. It has the perfect viscosity across the temperature range where the activities of mixing and laying take place, which guarantees that it can be readily dealt with despite the high levels of pressure that are applied.

The product not only achieves the maximum possible degree of hardening resistance but also fulfills the criteria of the European standard EN (severity 1). Because of its blowing quality and moderate air penetration, this kind of bitumen is neither exceedingly soft nor exceptionally hard. The price of Bitumen 50.70 is much cheaper than that of other types of Bitumen since it does not need any adjustments.


One of the top producers of the most sought-after penetration bitumen grade, bitumen 50/70, is Petro Naft. This kind of bitumen is often employed in the building of roads because of its superior adhesive and waterproofing qualities, which make it a perfect addition to asphalt mixes.

At Petro Naft, we are proud of our capacity to manufacture bitumen 50/70 of the highest quality while adhering to the most exacting industry requirements. We are regularly able to provide a product that meets or surpasses the expectations of our clients thanks to our cutting-edge production facilities and skilled workforce.

Bitumen that has been particularly formulated to resist high temperatures is known as penetration bitumen, and it is the perfect material for usage in hot areas. This particular form of bitumen is also very resistant to water and other environmental elements, guaranteeing that it will survive for a very long time even under the most trying circumstances.

As employing high-quality materials is crucial in building projects, Petro Naft goes above and beyond to make sure that our bitumen 50/70 satisfies the strictest requirements for consistency and quality. We are known as a trustworthy and dependable provider of penetration bitumen thanks to our dedication to quality, and we look forward to continue to help our clients in the years to come.

We produce penetration bitumen 50/70 of the best quality in a variety of types and export them from Iran and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Iran Penetration Bitumen 50/70 ( Iran Bitumen 50/70 )
  • Emirates Peneteration Bitumen 50/70 ( Emirates Bitumen 50/70 )


The following are some of the advantages of Penetration bitumen 50/70:

  • High degree of adherence to the majority of different materials.
  • Resistance to the effects of the atmosphere.
  • Prolonged life in service.
  • Exceptionally high levels of both flexibility and elasticity, with the goal of boosting fracture resistance.
  • Resistant to compounds that are both acidic and alkaline, as well as sulfates and chlorides.
  • insulation that does not have any overlaps or seams.


Bitumen 50/70Test methodUnitSpecification
Penetration – 25°C, 100g, 5sEN 1426mm50-70
Softening Point (Ring & Ball)EN 1427°C46/54
Kinematic Viscosity @ 135⁰CEN 12595mm²/s295 Min
Penetration IndexEN 12591-1.5 +0.7
Solubility in XyleneEN 12592%99 Min
Flashpoint (Cleveland Open)EN 22592°C230 Min
Recistance to Hardening at 163 °C   
Change in mass (m/m)EN12607-1%0.5 Max
Retained Penetration 25°C, 100g, 5s (% of original)EN 1426%50 Min
Increase in softening pointEN 1427°C11 Max

Applications of PENETRATION BITUMEN 50/70

The Penetration Bitumen 50/70 that is manufactured by Petro Naft Company  is utilized in the production of bituminous mixes that constitute a flexible structure for the paving of roadways, runways, pavement, track race, and landing platforms due to its very high performance in terms of resistance to aging, plasticity, and behavior at low temperatures. This is because the Penetration Bitumen 50-70 has very high performance in these areas. This is achieved by working with bituminous mixtures in the appropriate proportions.

Petro naft manufactures the highest quality Penetration Bitumen 50/70 in different types and exports it from Iran and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Penetration Bitumen 50/70 Iran
  • Penetration Bitumen 50/70 UAE



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