Heavy Slack Wax is a form of slack wax that is manufactured in a way that is largely comparable to that of other varieties of slack wax. Compared to light grade slack wax, heavy slack wax has a greater melting and congealing point. Slack wax heavy is a byproduct of petroleum refining. High the past, refineries paid to dispose of heavy slack wax, but now, heavy slack wax is so in demand that most refineries reserve and buy it months in advance of production.

Light and heavy grades of slack wax can be distinguished by their melting points, among other characteristics. Also, SW Heavy has a darker color than Light Slack Wax.

Slack Wax is one of the leftovers that remains after Base Oil has been refined from Lubricant. In order to initially separate the aromatic compounds from the Lubcat, a solvent is employed in this process; the final product, known as raffinate, is created after this step. Next, the paraffinic components of the raffinate are extracted in order to create base oil. As a consequence of this process, slack wax light is created.

We have extremely strict controls over every technological component of the Heavy Slack Wax we provide. Those monitoring procedures are very niche and complex. We fully understand how crucial the filtering process is. Therefore, this stage requires the use of sophisticated equipment to ensure accuracy. At a certain melting temperature, Petronaft’s Heavy Slack Wax is generated in its purest form.

From petroleum crude oil, Slack Wax is a mixture of paraffin wax and oil. Slack Wax contains oil in amounts ranging from 5% to 30%. It is the primary ingredient in both fully refined paraffin wax and semi-refined paraffin wax. The following types of Heavy Slack Wax are available from Petronaft Company based on Oil Content: (The table of technical specifications of each will be presented in the following).

Slack Wax Heavy 5% Oil Content

Slack Wax Heavy 12% Oil Content

Petronaft exports the highest-quality Slack Wax Heavy in different grades from Iran, Turkey, and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Iran Slack Wax Heavy
  • Turkey Slack Wax Heavy
  • UAE Slack Wax Heavy


Slack Wax Heavy 5% Oil Content

CharacteristicUnitTypicalTest method
Kinematic viscosity @100 ˚CCst5ASTM D-445
Flash point˚C230ASTM D-92
Specific gravity 25 ˚C/25 ˚C0.80ASTM D-190
Oil Content%wt3-5ASTM D-721
Congealing Point˚C55ASTM D-937
Color3ASTM D-1500
Drop Melting Point˚C57ASTM D-127

Slack Wax Heavy 12% Oil Content

CharacteristicUnitTypicalTest method
Kinematic viscosity @100 ˚CCst7ASTM D-445
Flash point˚C250ASTM D-92
Specific gravity 25 ˚C/25 ˚C0.820ASTM D-190
Oil Content%wt12ASTM D-721
Congealing Point˚C50ASTM D-937
Drop Melting Point˚C50ASTM D-127


  • In order to run smoothly, the textile sector also need heavy slack wax. It is recommended that paraffin wax and slack wax be used to provide thermal insulation and protect certain materials.
  • Candles, polish, matches, ink, and carbon paper are just a few examples of the many products that can be made from slack wax heavy.
  • One of its many uses is in the production of paraffin emulsions.
  • Industry that makes glass wool and other insulating materials.
  • Production of different grades of paraffin wax

We provide Slack Wax Heavy of the best quality in a variety of grades and export them from Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Slack Wax Heavy Iran
  • Slack Wax Heavy Turkey
  • Slack Wax Heavy Emirates


Slack wax is packed in bags for lower oil grades (5% to 15%), but for higher oil contents like slack wax (30%), the only packing is steel drums, ISO tanks, or flexi tanks to avoid leakage.

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