Description of PENETRATION BITUMEN 80/100

Penetration Bitumen 80/100 is a typical penetrating bitumen, often known as road grade bitumen, having excellent properties for road construction, asphalt construction, and road coating. This kind of bitumen is primarily used in the manufacture of hot asphalt mixtures. Permeability grade bitumens, such as 80/100 bitumen, are produced by the aeration process at the bottom of the distillation tower, known as the vacuum baton, and have a permeability of 80 to 100.

Penetration grade bitumens have thermoplastic qualities, which cause the viscosity of the bitumen to decrease at high temperatures and increase at low temperatures. The most common bitumen used in road coating is 80/100 bitumen. The penetration is 8 to 10 mm, and the bitumen type is 80/100 bitumen. The figures in the penetration grades may be used to calculate the depth of the needle penetration in the bitumen. An ASTM D5-compliant needle of specified sizes is allowed to puncture vertically into a bitumen sample in this test.

The needle’s penetration is measured in millimeters. As previously indicated, the needle dives 8 to 10 mm into bitumen at bitumen penetration 80-100. The needle load is typically 100 g, the loading duration is 5 seconds, and the test temperature is 25 C. A bitumen penetration value is obtained by taking the average of three different measurements. Longer needles and deeper cups are necessary to test the penetration of soft bitumen.

When the bitumen is soft, penetration increases and the test result improves. The softening point is another criterion often used to assess bitumen consistency. According to ASTM D36, a small steel ball is placed atop a sample of bitumen contained in a brass ring in this test, and the setup is then hung in a bath containing water or glycerin. As the ball goes around the ring, the bath temperature rises at a rate of 5 degrees Celsius per minute, and the bitumen softens and eventually deforms softly. Penetration grade bitumen 80/100 has a softening point of 42 to 50 degrees Celsius.


Our firm, Petro Naft, produces the penetration bitumen known as bitumen 80/100. This top-notch bitumen product is extensively employed in several construction projects, including waterproofing, roofing, and road paving.

A form of bitumen with a high viscosity that is renowned for its superior waterproofing abilities is called penetration bitumen. A subgroup of this kind of bitumen has a penetration rate between 80 and 100, and is known as bitumen 80/100.

To guarantee that our Bitumen 80/100 satisfies the highest quality requirements, Petro Naft employs cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. In order to produce the best quality bitumen, our manufacturing method entails carefully selecting and refining crude oil. To guarantee that our product is free of impurities and pollutants, we also do stringent quality control testing.

Bitumen 80/100 has the benefit of having a high softening point, which allows it to tolerate high temperatures without melting or deforming. This makes it the perfect substance for roofing and road paving jobs in hot regions.

Bitumen 80/100 by Petro Naft is a great option if you’re searching for a high-quality penetration bitumen product. Our product is offered in a variety of packing sizes to suit your particular requirements, and we provide reasonable pricing and quick delivery dates to keep your project on schedule.

We manufacture the highest quality Penetration Bitumen 80/100 in different types and export them from Iran and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Penetration Bitumen 80/100 Iran
  • Penetration Bitumen 80/100 UAE


Because VG10 bitumen is the softest grade of viscosity bitumen and is frequently utilized for spraying applications and surface coating, it has been a suitable option for penetration grade 80/100. Temperatures ranging from 25 to 70 degrees are appropriate for penetration grade bitumen 80-100, whereas temperatures ranging from 25 to 135 degrees are appropriate for VG10 bitumen. As a consequence, in a variety of weather circumstances, VG10 is unquestionably more reliable than bitumen 80.100. Both of this bitumen are suitable for hot chip sealing and cold-weather hot mix asphalts.

The penetration range is the difference between a penetration grade of 80-100 and a penetration grade of 60/70. Bitumen 60/70 has less penetration than bitumen 80-100, making it tougher. In contrast to bitumen 80.100, bitumen 60/70 is ideal for usage in hot regions and has a longer lifetime when exposed to strong traffic loads.


Bitumen 80/100Test methodUnitSpecification
Specific gravity @ 25°CASTM D70Kg/cm31.01/1.06
Penetration @ 25°CASTM D5mm/1080/100
Softening point °CASTM D36°C42/50
Ductility @25 °CASTM D113cm100 min
Loss on heating(wt) %ASTM D6wt %0.2 max
Drop in penetration after heating %ASTM D5-D6%20 max
Flashpoint °CASTM D92°C250 min
Solubility in CS2(wt) %ASTM D4wt %99.5 min
Spot testA.A.S.H.O.T102 Negative

Applications of PENETRATION BITUMEN 80/100

Bitumen penetration grade 80/100 is often utilized in the construction of cold-weather roads. Because penetration grade bitumen 80-100 is a soft bitumen, it performs best in high particle density soils like clay. They are smaller in size and may be readily penetrated by bitumen 80.100, a soft bitumen. High penetration graded bitumen performs effectively in low particle density soils.


We produce penetration bitumen 80/100 of the best quality in a variety of types and export it from Iran and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Iran Penetration Bitumen 80/100 ( Iran Bitumen 80/100 )
  • Emirates Peneteration Bitumen 80/1000 ( Emirates Bitumen 80/100 )



New Steel Drum, Bulk.
* This grade can be shipped in Jumbo Bag, if the weather is frigid. (Low temperature causes bitumen get hard)

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