Gilsonite, often known as natural bitumen, is an addition ( Gilsonite for asphalt ) that can be used to strengthen the asphalt’s resilience, hence reducing the likelihood of rutting and cracking. This substance has been used for the most part as an addition to enhance the paving performance of asphalt surfaces for more than one hundred years, and it is capable of being utilized in the production of modified bitumen and asphalt.

PETRONAFT manufactures the highest quality Gilsonite for asphalt / Natural Asphalt for asphalt / Natural Bitumen for asphalt in different types and grades and exports them from Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates to other countries around the world.

Gilsonite Iran for asphalt / Natural Asphalt Iran for asphalt / Natural Bitumen Iran for asphalt


Gilsonite asphalt grade is used as an asphalt binder modifier, and because to its one-of-a-kind qualities, the resulting road is less likely to have performance concerns related to high temperatures or deformation. When these modified binders are employed in recycled asphalt pavements, Gilsonite adds back what time has taken from the original asphalt. This makes it simpler to utilize more of this recycled material, which in turn helps the environment. When compared to other pavements, the road that is produced using the Gilsonite modified asphalt binder will be much more robust and will be able to be around 20 percent thinner.

Gilsonite, which acts as an aggregate modifier, can be added directly at the hot mix plant without the need for any extra machinery. The exceptional bonding characteristics of Gilsonite will result in the production of a pavement that is not only strong and high-performing but also resistant to water stripping. Because of Gilsonite’s well-established characteristics, high-performance pavement sealers that are solvent-based or emulsion-based dry more quickly, look better, and last longer. The quality of Gilsonite is Superior by Nature. Because it is a natural antioxidant, it enables pavement sealers to keep their black color for a longer period of time. The singular molecular fractions that Gilsonite possesses invigorate the pavement that is being sealed. The sealer is better able to withstand the elements because to the strong bonding characteristics of the Gilsonite.


The presence of gilsonite in asphalt contributes to an improvement in the asphalt’s stability and generates a strong adhesion between macadam and bitumen. This stickiness helps to keep the asphalt from cracking and also stops plants from growing in the asphalt where it is present. One of the most significant changes that it brings about in asphalt is a reduction of both the asphalt’s thickness and its volume. It results in a lower usage of bitumen. Another factor that makes asphalt more usable in the summertime is its pliable temperature, which does not loosen or soften when it is mixed with asphalt due to exposure to the heat and does not contract when big vehicles use their brakes. The majority of airports throughout the globe are outfitted with Gilsonite, which is added to the asphalt. The most essential reason for this is that it prevents the asphalt from altering its form in the summer and winter months. Additionally, it minimizes penetration and enhances viscosity. We may mention the penetration bitumen 60-70 as one kind of bitumen that is often used for the building of roads. If this bitumen is modified by the addition of gilsonite, it will have a high level of quality and durability.

Display of asphalt layers and the effect of asphalt modified with gilsonite


  • High levels of both strength and durability.
  • Exceptional performance with regard to deformation.
  • Decreased the depth of the pavement.
  • Resistance to cold temperatures is improved.
  • Superior protection against the eroding effects of water.
  • Gilsonite helps make roads more durable so they may be used for longer.
  • Making pavement that lasts longer is beneficial to the environment. Restoring pavements using recycled asphalt rather than completely replacing them has been shown to result in a considerable decrease in the amount of energy used as well as the number of resources that are needed.
  • Natural antioxidant.
  • Rejuvenates pavement.
  • It has excellent adhesion characteristics.
  • Exceptional resistance to fading and overall look.

Showing two layers of asphalt, one modified with Gilsonite and the other unmodified


  1. A very large portion of the budgets of municipalities, urban development and construction companies, road construction and public transportation departments are spent on the production, implementation, maintenance, and repair of asphalt roads and streets; As a result, the economic issue is likely the one that is the most important of all of these issues. If it is feasible to manufacture asphalt with a lifetime that is more than two or three times that of standard asphalt, there is tremendous potential for cost reductions in this area. If, on the other hand, the components that go into making modified asphalt can be sourced at a lower cost, then the overall price of producing this material will, of course, go down. Currently, Petro naft Company offers Gilsonite in different grades, high quality and best price, contact us to place an order.
  2. The preservation of the environment is the second reason for worry over the use of unmodified asphalt, which makes the significance of asphalt modification with gilsonite more apparent. Bitumens derived from petroleum include heavy aromatic compounds that can seep back into nature over time and as a result of environmental erosive agents like precipitation. Using asphalt made with Gilsonite, which is a natural bitumen, reduces these pollutions by more than 30%.
  3. Improving driving conditions is another reason why the use of natural bitumen or gilsonite in road asphalt is so vital. It seems to reason that the roads will be less difficult and risky to drive on in proportion to the amount of high-quality modified asphalt they contain. This problem results in a decrease of indirect expenses such as the extra amounts that occur as a result of accidents and the depreciation of vehicles. It can be possible to improve the quality of roads and increase driver safety on roads and in a variety of weather conditions by using asphalts that have been improved with the assistance of natural bitumen and that have less sensitivity to changes in temperature, deformation, and that have a high resistance to friction and water.
  4. According to the findings of a laboratory experiment, the amount of hardness that asphalt has when it contains 10% gilsonite is 1357 kg, but the amount of hardness that asphalt has when it does not include gilsonite is 1097 kg. As a consequence of this, asphalt that has been modified with gilsonite has more stiffness, resistance, and effective life than standard asphalt. Furthermore, it is more affordable, more ecologically friendly, and contains more bitumen than standard asphalt.

gilsonite for asphalt specification


gilsonite for asphalt specification


The building of roads that experience high traffic or heavy weight as well as roads that are located in areas that experience poor weather conditions are typical applications for asphalt that is made using gilsonite as the raw material. Also, one of its key uses is the building of airport runways and roads that should have a long life. It can also provide high quality and durability for normal and public roads as well as driveways.


The mines of western Iran (Ilam, Gilangharb, Eyvangharb, and Lorestan) are where the Petronaft Gilsonite Lump is mined, and then it is brought to the plant site to be stored there. Gilsonite lumps are poured into the hopper by the digger loader as they are broken up. After that, they are brought to the hammer mill by means of a strip conveyor. In this way, Gilsonite is divided into different grades based on the percentage of ash present and the desired size. The required tests are then completed, quality control is performed, and the product is packaged and ready to be exported in different types and grades from Iran, Turkey, and the UAE to other countries around the world.

At this time, PETRO NAFT is manufacturing a variety of grades of gilsonite, including the following:

  • Lump Gilsonite
  • Granulated Gilsonite
  • Micronized Gilsonite Powder

1- Gilsonite with ash content up to 5%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 to 300.

2- Gilsonite with ash content up to 10%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 to 300.

3- Gilsonite with ash content up to 15%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 to 300.

4- Gilsonite with ash content up to 20%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 to 300.

5- Gilsonite with ash content up to 25%, moisture up to 1% and meshes 30, 40, 100 to 300.

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