Emulsion paraffin is created by combining paraffin wax with the required quantity of water in order to produce a paraffin emulsion that is both stable and uniform and that has a concentration that has been predetermined. This concoction is known as “emulsion paraffin,” and it was named for its primary component.

Using emulsion paraffin for sanding or flat working with wood sheets will not only help you avoid producing dust but will also allow you to do so. This is because of the way that emulsion paraffin works. It has a long lifetime and can be used for a variety of different things, therefore the usage of it will benefit more kinds of materials. Utilizing it as a protective covering on their finished goods has proven to be quite fruitful for the woodworking sector.

The treated material does not suffer any swelling and maintains its durability for an extended period of time. Due to the prevalence of their usage in the manufacturing of home decor, exposed chipboard, SSP, MDF, and OSB must be subjected to the processing steps described above. When making an emulsion of paraffin wax, the emulsifier that was mentioned earlier is mixed in with the paraffin while it is in a state that is either molten or heated to a temperature that is higher than its melting point. In either case, the paraffin is in a state that is conducive to the formation of an emulsion.


Emulsion paraffin has paraffin wax as its dispersed phase. Emulsions are mixes of oil and water that are stabilized by an emulsifying agent. In emulsion paraffin, the wax is distributed in water.

We export the highest-quality Emulsion Paraffin in different types and grades from Iran, Turkey, and the UAE to other countries around the world.

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  • A smaller particle size (about 1-5 micron) contributes to better paraffin wax penetration into the wood fiber and provides more efficient hydrophilization. This is because of the smaller particle size’s ability to provide more efficient hydrophilization.
  • Emulsions Made of Paraffin Wax Combine well with the resins based on melamine and carbamide. During the process of hot-pressing plates, paraffin wax emulsion performs the role of a water-repellent agent. The paraffin wax emulsion breaks down and melts into paraffin wax, which then hydrophilizes the wood plate. The use of certain emulsifiers results in the decomposition of the emulsion even before the hardening of the bending agent, which, as a result, strengthens the watertight properties of the plates.
  • A Straightforward Method of Application Due to the Water-Based Nature of the Paraffin Emulsion.
  • There are no costs associated with storage since the storage temperature for emulsion paraffin is between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius, while the melting point of paraffin wax is above 60 degrees Celsius.
  • There are no costs associated with transportation since, when using the paraffin emulsion, it is not necessary to heat the piping because there is no “freezing” that takes place within the pipes. This saves money.
  • Paraffin Emulsion are not flammable, and as a result, their application does not provide any risk of fire or trauma. On the other hand, the application of hot melted paraffin wax does pose the possibility of these hazards occurring.
  • The application of the emulsion paraffin results in a reduction of resins of 10–20 percent without causing any adverse effects on the physicochemical properties of the plates.


Technical propertiesUnitLimitTest method
Congealing  pointC54-57ASTM D-938
Sp @ 25 cKg/m30.93ASTM D-4052
Oil content%mMax 1.2ASTM D-721
Penetration @ 25 c0.1 mm18-20ASTM D-1321


  • In the woodworking industry, paraffin wax emulsion is used to protect wood boards from the effects of moisture. Because of its anti-dust effect, paraffin wax emulsion is an invaluable tool whenever boards are being ground or sawed up.
  • Floors, the automobile body, and furnishings are all protected from moisture by coatings and ink, which are applied to paper, Bristol board and cardboard, waterproof chipboard, waterproof fibers, ropes, and fabrics.
  • An emulsion of paraffin wax as a water repellent for blended fabrics made of cotton and polyester.

PetroNaft Company provides Emulsion Paraffin of the best quality in a variety of types and grades and exports them from Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

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Paraffin Emulsion is packed in new or used 175 kg steel drums , plastic drums, IBC, ISO tanks, and flexi tanks.


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