Industrial Petroleum Jelly is a hydrocarbon compound that is semi-solid, and it has a yellowish hue most of the time. This material is not acceptable for use in medical and cosmetic applications as suggested by the name of the product, which is industrial Vaseline. This is due to the fact that it has undergone very few purification procedures and can include certain compounds that are hazardous to human health. Petroleum jelly industrial grade is a kind of petroleum oil that offers several advantages to a variety of businesses.

The Industrial pet jelly produced in Iran can be purchased at a low price without sacrificing quality. The combination of this cheap price and this product’s exceptional quality has led to significant increases in exports. The cheap cost of industrial Vaseline can be attributed to the components that go into its production. Because this specific kind of petroleum jelly is exclusively utilized in the industrial sector, it does not have to be able to separate potentially hazardous chemicals.

Petronaft exports the highest-quality Industrial Petroleum Jelly / Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade / Industrial Vaseline in different grades from Iran, Turkey, and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Iran Industrial Petroleum Jelly / Iran Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade / Iran Industrial Vaseline
  • Turkey Industrial Petroleum Jelly / Turkey Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade / Turkey Industrial Vaseline
  • UAE Industrial Petroleum Jelly / UAE Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade / UAE Industrial Vaseline


  1. Industrial petroleum jelly is used in situations in which the presence of an offensive odor is not considered to be of significant importance. As a result, the components that contribute to the unpleasant smell of this grade are not isolated from it.
  2. It has a yellow tint, and this yellow color that leans toward brown is unique to this grade of petroleum jelly; it demonstrates the industrial aspect of the product.
  3. This petroleum jelly has a significant amount of oil, which is essential for those who work in industrial fields.


  • To begin, it is important to be aware that industrial petroleum jelly is available at a lower cost than cosmetic petroleum jelly for the reasons that will be discussed further below.
  • The price of this product has been reduced due to the possibility of using recycled barrels in its packaging. In addition, the oil distillation and refining processes that are involved in the manufacturing of industrial petroleum jelly are very distinct from one another. These distinctions define the quality of cosmetic petroleum jelly as distinct from industrial petroleum jelly as well as the technique of its manufacturing.
  • In general, less time is spent during the creation of industrial petroleum jelly, which has led to increased output as a result.
  • The abundance of any product is the foundation for its price reduction, which is one of the key reasons why industrial petroleum jelly has become the cheapest kind of petroleum jelly.


1Kinematic viscosity at 100 ˚C4.5-6 cStASTM D-445
2Congealing   Point54-58 ˚CASTM D-938
3Penetration Consistency110-150 (0.1 mm)ASTM D-937
4Color (Lovibond)Max 1.7 YIP-17 Method A 33 cell
5Acidity or AlkalinityAccording to test MethodB.P 2007


Different industries utilize industrial petroleum jelly as a lubricant or coating. This kind of Petroleum Jelly is useful for the manufacturing of plastic, leather and tanning, wood products, items that need to be kept dry and free from water, the automobile industry, and industrial equipment. In addition, Vaseline works well as a barrier against moisture and its damaging effects on numerous materials.

  • To stop creaking, put a dab of Industrial Petroleum Jelly on your door hinges.
  • To get a frozen lock moving again, rub Industrial Petroleum Jelly on it.
  • Use to prevent rust on metal hardware and tools.
  • Use Industrial Vaseline to remove scuffs off leather boots, shoes, purses, and handbags.
  • Apply a thick application of Industrial petroleum jelly to your wood surfaces and let it soak in for 24 hours before polishing the surface to help restore scratches and watermarks.
  • Apply Industrial petroleum jelly to worn places on leather furniture or clothing to restore its luster.
  • Start a fire using Industrial petroleum jelly by coating a cotton ball (or many) with it and lighting them to make a flame – then add to your grill, fire pit, etc.
  • Use Petroleum jelly industrial grade to remove smudges off mirrors, sunglasses, and even belt buckles by polishing the markings away.
  • To remove any dropped or dried candle wax, use some petroleum jelly industrial grade and let it soak for a few minutes before wiping it all off with a moist towel.
  • Apply a little quantity of Petroleum jelly on the base of your lightbulb before screwing it into place to keep it rust-free and simple to relocate.
  • To prevent your shower curtain from becoming stuck, lubricate the rod with Petroleum jelly.
  • Apply a little amount of Industrial petroleum jelly on both sides of the stuck zipper to quickly unstick it.
  • Apply a dab of Industrial petroleum jelly beneath the cap and around the rim to keep glue and adhesives from drying out. This will also help to prevent dried glue from sealing the cap shut.
  • Industrial grade petroleum jelly is commonly used and consumed in manufacturing industries.
  • This industrial petroleum jelly is used for weaving cloth in the textile sector.
  • This chemical is added to printing ink to boost the ink’s capacity to spread during printing. In the plaster molding and casting business, they utilize Industrial petroleum jelly to readily extract the sample from the mold.

We provide Industrial Petroleum Jelly / Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade / Industrial Vaseline of the best quality in a variety of grades and export them from Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Industrial Petroleum Jelly Iran / Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade Iran / Industrial Vaseline Iran
  • Industrial Petroleum Jelly Turkey / Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade Turkey / Industrial Vaseline Turkey
  • Industrial Petroleum Jelly Emirates / Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade Emirates / Industrial Vaseline Emirates

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Industrial Petroleum Jelly is usually packed in new or used 175 kg drums, ISO tanks, and Flexi tanks.

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