The manufacturing of solid paraffin results in the creation of a waxy by-product known as Residue Wax, which is also known as Foots Oil. This material has an oily consistency. During this process, when the de-oiling operation is performed on the raw material (slack wax), the removed material, which contains a high percentage of oil, is separated and presented as Residue Wax. Depending on the amount of oil that is included inside this product, it can be found in its typical state as either a liquid, a solid, or a semi-solid.

In either residual wax or foots oil, you’ll find a significant amount of oil as well as fatty acids. Residue Wax is produced either by the process of derivatization that takes place during the manufacturing of semi-refined paraffin or through the separation of oil from slack wax. Its major usage is in match making, polishing, shoe manufacturing, tarpaulin manufacture, etc.

The percentage of oil in residue wax is around fifty percent, and there is a lot of it. As a result of its widespread use in the match manufacturing industry, it is also known as Foots Oil. Following the removal of the oil from the slack wax, the solid paraffin product and also its residue will be the Foots Oil product. Residue Wax will have a proportion of aromatics and low sulfur and will have a viscosity that varies depending on the kind of slack wax. Residue Wax is a source of both base oil and free fatty acids; it has an oil content of 25–50% and also includes a certain fatty acid.


Residual wax is a byproduct of the refining of petroleum. It is a sticky material that is left behind after the more desirable components of crude oil have been removed. Residual wax is often used in the manufacture of candles, wax paper, and other items requiring a waxy feel. It has a high melting point and is often combined with other waxes to get a more acceptable consistency. Residue wax is also used to make adhesives, coatings, and other industrial purposes. Residue wax, despite its humble beginnings as a byproduct, has proved to be a versatile substance with several applications in a variety of sectors.

We export the highest-quality Residue Wax / Foots Oil in different types and grades from Iran, Turkey, and the UAE to other countries around the world.

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Slack wax is a substance that is in a solid state and in the color range of yellow to light cream. It will be produced from the combination of wax and oil, which is a by-product of refineries that produce motor oil, and it is considered to be the raw material for the production of paraffin. Slack wax will be introduced into the production system as a feed during the production of paraffin, and then, following steps including degreasing and decolorizing, it will be transformed into the final product, which is paraffin wax. come in general, the production of paraffin begins with the introduction of slack wax. In addition, another product known as Foots Oil or Residue Wax is produced from the oil that is produced during this process. This product will have an industrial use.


Residue wax
Typical characteristics foots oil grade Oil content %wt max.Congealing point CColor maxViscosity & 100 C (cSt)Color
ASTM D-721ASTM D-938ASTM D-445ASTM D-445ASTM D-1500
Medium 25-50253.8-4.44.7-6.92


Residue Wax or Foots Oil will find widespread use across a variety of sectors, including those concerned with the manufacture of footwear, plastics, tarpaulins, polishing production, chipboard industries, and wood for the purposes of waterproofing and extending the useful life of wooden items. It will be used in the match manufacturing business as an auxiliary material in order to increase the ignition of the match as well as the durability of the match’s burning period.

Other applications for this material include the manufacture of adhesives and sealants, different antifreeze products, coating goods, fillers, putties, various plasters, modeling clay, finger paints, various fertilizers, fuels, and purification products. Surfaces that aren’t made of metal, inks and toners, leather treatment products, lubricants and greases, plant protection, polishes and waxes, treatment products, textiles, and dyes are all examples of things that this category includes.

The most common applications for residue wax and foots oil are:

  • The shoe manufacturing business
  • Manufacturing industry based on plastic
  • The chipboard manufacturing industries
  • Match industries
  • Wax industries

PetroNaft Company provides Residue Wax / Foots Oil of the best quality in a variety of types and grades and exports them from Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Residue Wax Iran / Foots Oil Iran
  • Residue Wax Turkey / Foots Oil Turkey
  • Residue Wax Emirates / Foots Oil Emirates


Residue Wax (foot oil) is packed in steel drums, either new or reconditioned.

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