Penetration Bitumen 120/150 is a typical penetration grade bitumen that is often used as paving grade bitumen for building roads and producing excellent asphalt pavements. In order to create hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses, this grade of bitumen is usually used. By fractionally or vacuum distilling crude oil, PetroNaft Co. produces petroleum quality bitumen known as penetration grade bitumen. Penetration Grade bitumens are defined using the softening point and penetration tests.

Only the penetration range is used to classify items. Because of their thermoplastic properties, penetration grade bitumens soften at high temperatures and harden at low ones. For defining bitumen performance characteristics like as adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures, this specific temperature/viscosity relationship is essential. This bitumen is used to create fluxed bitumen, mineral-bituminous mixes in “hot” technology, impregnating and water-insulating mixes, and cationic bitumen emulsions. Bitumen that has been graded according to its penetration characteristic is known as Penetration Grade Bitumen.

The basic tenet of penetration grading is that the needle will penetrate more deeply into asphalt that is less fluid. Different grades of bitumen are produced when vacuum bottom (the feedstock for bitumen production that comes from distillation tower residue in vacuum oil refineries) is subjected to an oxidation process at a bitumen production unit in such a way that its penetration point (a type of test to indicate the hardness of bitumen) in a given group is distinguished.


Our business, Petro Naft, manufactures the specialist penetration bitumen known as bitumen 120/150. This premium item is made using a material that is very strong and long-lasting thanks to a distinctive refining process. While building roads, highways, and other significant infrastructure projects, our bitumen 120/150 is often employed.

Its outstanding resistance to aging and weathering is one of our bitumen 120/150’s main benefits. This makes it the perfect material to utilize in severe outdoor conditions when other options would soon deteriorate and lose their usefulness. Moreover, since our bitumen 120/150 is so resistant to deformation and cracking, it may help guarantee the endurance and durability of any project in which it is employed.

In order to provide our customers with the best bitumen products, Petro Naft is dedicated to doing so. We employ a group of knowledgeable and experienced specialists that meticulously oversee the manufacturing process from beginning to end in order to accomplish this. We also utilize only the finest raw materials. This guarantees that every batch of bitumen 120/150 we manufacture is of the highest quality and complies with or surpasses all industry requirements.

Petro Naft is the only company you need to consider if you’re seeking for a trustworthy and high-quality supplier of bitumen 120/150. To find out more about our offerings and how we can support you on your next project, get in touch with us right now.

We produce penetration bitumen 120-150 of the best quality in a variety of types and export them from Iran and the United Arab Emirates to other nations worldwide.

  • Iran Penetration Bitumen 120/150 ( Iran Bitumen 120/150 )
  • Emirates Peneteration Bitumen 120/150 ( Emirates Bitumen 120/150 )


Penetration bitumen 120/150 offers a number of benefits, some of which are detailed below:

Because of the high degree of penetration that it has, it is suitable for use in the formulation of a wide variety of products, such as those used in the production of waterproof membranes, lubricants, and specialized bitumen paints, amongst others. It has a lot of flexibility, it can also be used as a spray, and it creates an excellent coating on the surface. It is ideal for cold regions because of its high permeability, which makes it suited for these conditions.


Bitumen 120/150Test methodUnitSpecification
Specific gravity @ 25°CASTM D70Kg/cm31.01/1.05
Penetration @ 25°CASTM D5mm/10120/150
Softening point °CASTM D36°C38 min
Ductility @25 °CASTM D113cm100 min
Loss on heating (wt) %ASTM D6wt %0.5 max
Drop in penetration after heating %ASTM D5-D6%20 max
Flashpoint °CASTM D92°C218 min
Solubility in TrichloroethyleneASTM D4wt %99 min
Spot testA.A.S.H.O.T102 Negative


Penetration Bitumen 120/150 has remarkable qualities in terms of resistance to aging, flexibility, and behavior at low temperatures. As a result of these qualities, it is used in the production of bituminous mixes, which provide a framework that is flexible enough to be employed for the paving of streets, runways, pavement, track racing, and landing platforms. It also has a fantastic performance in industrial sectors, where it is used to make mixes for the fabrication of membranes utilizing SBS technology. This shows how versatile the product is. Additionally, the material may be used in the production of bituminous emulsions, waterproofing membranes, oxidized bitumens, bituminous paints, specialized lubricants, and mastics. All of these applications need water resistance.

We manufacture the highest quality Penetration Bitumen 120-150 in different types and export it from Iran and the UAE to other countries around the world.

  • Penetration Bitumen 120/150 Iran
  • Penetration Bitumen 120/150 UAE


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