17th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

The ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference is moving for the first time in its seventeen-year existence to Saudi Arabia. In recent years, Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to international events, possesses 15% of the world’s proven oil reserves, and is the top crude oil exporter. This affords you the chance to create new relationships and discover commercial business prospects in this vital region.
Base Oils and Lubricants Conference (Base Oils & Lubricants Conference)


Already with the backing of eight of KSA’s largest base oil companies, you can expect to meet all the key decision-makers from the entire Middle East region at the Base Oils & Lubricants Conference.

Supporting companies include: Saudi Aramco Luberef, Petrolube, Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia Ltd, Al Jomaih and Shell Lubricating Oil Company Ltd, Arabian Petroleum Supply Company – Mobil Oil, United Lube Oil Company (Unilube), Castrol Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Oil Additives Co (SALACO).

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17th ICIS Middle Eastern


As well as a programme of thought-leadership including key ICIS market insights, there will be topic-led networking breaks. With plenty of social occasions throughout the days, you will be able to continue your discussions and make new business connections.

The programme will highlight technological advancements and the critical role of sustainability in creating a better future for the industry. We will tackle pivotal events in the region, and global trends that are shaping the way virgin base oils and lubricants markets operate. Across two days you will hear from leading market players as they share their insights and keep you ahead of the trends.

World-leading analysts from ICIS will be discussing the expected growth in the Middle Eastern markets and where your new opportunities will be coming from.


Whether it is the high-level agenda or multiple networking opportunities, the 17th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference is an unmissable event for anyone looking to do business in the region. It will give you all the information needed for success in 2023.

Find out what will be happening over the two event days, and what content sessions will be available to you. Plan your schedule to ensure you maximise your time out of the office.


Pricing and registration:

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With the multiple networking opportunities, you will be able to create connections that will solidify your status in the market, and help you overcome your business challenges. Included in your delegate ticket are networking lunches on both days, and a Gala Dinner at the end of Day 1 for all attendees.

The 17th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference is an event you cannot afford to miss if you want to stay ahead of challenging, but opportunistic market conditions.

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