Base oil SN 600 is a highly refined petroleum oil that is commonly used as a lubricant in various industrial applications. In this page, we will delve into the specifics of Base oil SN 600, including its product description, specifications, chemical formula, properties, and applications.

Base oil SN600, also known as bright stock, is a highly refined mineral oil that is obtained through a process of solvent extraction and hydro-treating. It is a type of Group I base oil, which is derived from crude oil and is considered the least refined of all base oils. Base oil SN-600 is typically used as a blending component in the production of lubricants and greases, as well as in the manufacture of additives for these products.

Product Specifications

The specifications for Base oil SN600 can vary depending on the manufacturer, but generally, it has a viscosity of 600 centistokes at 40°C, a flash point of at least 235°C, and a pour point of no higher than -12°C. It also has a specific gravity of approximately 0.88 at 15°C and a color of 3.0 or less on the ASTM D1500 scale.

Product Chemical Formula, CAS Number, and HS Code

The chemical formula for Base oil SN-600 is CnH2n+2, where n is commonly between 20 and 50. Its CAS number is 64742-58-1 and its HS code is 2710.19.20. For the sake of international commerce, these codes are used to categorize the product.

Product Properties

Base oil SN600 has several properties that make it a popular choice for lubrication applications. It has excellent thermal stability, which means it can withstand high temperatures without breaking down or losing its lubricating properties. It also has good oxidation resistance, which helps to extend the life of the lubricant. Additionally, it has good anti-wear properties, which can help to reduce friction and wear on mechanical components.

Applications of BASE OIL SN 600

Base oil SN 600 is used in a wide range of industrial applications, including:

Automotive lubricants: Base oil SN-600 is often used as a blending component in the production of engine oils, gear oils, and transmission fluids.

Industrial lubricants: It is also used in the manufacture of industrial lubricants for use in heavy machinery, such as hydraulic systems, compressors, and turbines.

Metalworking fluids: Base oil SN 600 can be used as a base fluid in metalworking fluids, which are used to cool and lubricate cutting tools during machining operations.

Additive manufacturing: It is also used in the production of additive packages for lubricants and greases.

Rubber and plastic production: Base oil SN600 is used in the production of rubber and plastic products as a plasticizer and lubricant.

Packing of BASE OIL SN 600

Base oil SN 600 packing is in new 180 kg drums , iso tank , flexi tanks and also bulk shipments. Each 20 foot container takes 80 drum .

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